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Hurricane Leonard

Hurricane Earl is pictured moving north-northwest in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of southeastern United States, in this National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) satellite image taken and released on September 2, 2010. U.S. forecasters from Colorado State University are predicting an above-average 2011 Atlantic hurricane season that will see 16 named storms, nine of them turning into hurricanes. REUTERS/NOAA/Handout“JP sat next to Larry on the dealer’s couch. The dealer, Suds, slowly tapped bits of marijuana out of a vial onto a digital scale on the living room coffee table. ‘Let’s call it Special K, even though it’s not exactly what it is,’ Suds said.”- Gargoyle, 2017.

The Stove

coalchubby“Mom used to say the full moon made patients crazy. Once, when I was ten years old, she came home with a black eye. The full moon rose and an otherwise peaceful patient seemed to suddenly go mad and clocked her with a full bedpan…” Read more at Green Writers Journal

After Christina

file2751274985177“When Jill comes home that evening, she calls out to her daughter, but there’s no reply. The snow falls from her jacket as she hangs it in the closet beside the front door, listening to the silence for some sign of Christina. Usually there’s something: laughter as she chats with a friend on the phone, or music from her laptop, or water running for a long shower in progress. Tonight there’s nothing.” – Read more in South85 Journal

Break and Enter

file6101254769311“Technically it wasn’t a break-in because I still had the key she gave me. There was no breaking involved, and since she never took the key back or changed the lock, there was an implicit invitation to enter anytime I wanted. It’s true we hadn’t spoken in months, but in my defense, I had no intention of going inside without her. I thought, if she’s home, she’ll either slam the door on my face or invite me in to talk about what happened. If she’s not home, I’ll just leave the blueberry pie and the note on her doormat and call it a night.” – Read more at Lowestoft Chronicle